taylormade r9 driver

Taylormade R9 Driver

The new Taylormade R9 Driver takes over from the new technology that was first showcased in the R7 Limited.

The Movable Weight Technology that was first seen in the R7 Unlimited driver allowed the golfer to adjust the flight of the ball by up to 35 yards from either left to right or right to left. Taylor Made have now added a feature that allows the club face angle, loft and lie to be changed. They claim that combining both technologies the TaylorMade R9 Driver allows the golfer to adjust the trajectory from left to right and vice-versa by up to 75 yards.
The new features allow the golfer to set up the driver to a ball flight path and trajectory without the need to fine tune the individual golf swing.

The R9 Driver was first introduced to Tour Players in the spring of 2009 and both the R9 and R9 TP are now available to the general public.

Please Note: The only difference between the R9 and the Taylormade R9 TP Driver is the stock shaft that is supplied from Taylor Made. The R9 driver is fitted with the Fujikura Motore 65 whilst the R9 TP is fitted with the Fujikura Motore F1.

r9 460 driver

Taylormade R9 460 Driver

Introduced to the UK in May 2009 the R9 460 Driver compliments the R9 range by adding a club that will appeal more to the amateur or club golfer.

TaylorMade have really come up trumps with the R9 460 as it offers the same Flight Control Technology that comes with the standard R9 but they have increased the size of the club head to 460cc giving a bigger hitting area thus making it more forgiving to off centre strikes.

A deeper face combined with a lower center of gravity also increases the MOI of the driver giving a higher and more penetrating ball flight.

The omission of the Movable Weight Technology may be a step backwards to some, but when you look at the difference in price compared to the standard R9 driver I think that most would agree that Taylormade have produced a golf driver that is affordable and ready to compete with the best within a comparable price range.

More Info >>> R9 460 Driver specification and compare the best online prices.

taylor made r9 driver classic head

R9 Driver Classic Head

It seems that TaylorMade are going in the right direction as far as head size is concerned. The Burner Driver weighs in at 460cc and has been one of the most popular drivers for the last couple of years. The introduction last year of the R7 and R7 CGB Max Unlimited drivers have seen a reduction in head sizes by around 5%. It seems that these drivers have been equally well received by golf buying public and the new Taylormade R9 driver has followed in this new angle of approach with a more traditional head size of around 420cc depending on the loft angle.

Full specs are available here >>> Taylormade R9 Driver specification.

The R9 Taylor Made driver is the only totally adjustable driver made today. What makes it totally adjustable is the combination of movable weight technology and the new Taylor Made flight control technology or FCT. The FCT technology allows the golfer to change the face angle and the loft and lie angle.

taylormade r9 driver flight control technology

FCT - Flight Control Technology

The Taylor Made R9 Driver comes with a special wrench that can loosen a bolt situated on the sole of the club head. By undoing this bolt the shaft can be removed from the head. The tip of the shaft will now reveal a sleeve that can be rotated to eight different settings that will ultimately adjust the R9 driver club head to the desired configuration.

There are four main settings:

•L+ to set the club to give a maximum draw
•R+ to set the club for a controlled fade
•Neutral Upright to produce slight draw
•Neutral to produce a slight fade

In addition to these four main settings there are also four more in-between settings that can be used to further tweak the desired trajectory. This gives a total of eight settings and when combined with the three movable weights in the back of the head you have a total combination of 24 different settings.

taylor made r9 driver movable weights

MCT - Movable Weight Technology

At the rear of the Taylormade R9 driver head sits three weights that can be interchanged in seconds by using the special supplied tool. The weights are made up of 2 x 1 gram weight and 1 x 16 gram weight. By positioning the heavier 16 gram weight into a different position you can change the flight characteristics of the ball flight.

•To promote a right to left trajectory place the 16 gram weight in the port that is situated near the heal of the club head
•To promote a left to right trajectory place the 16 gram weight in the port that is positioned near the toe
•To promote a straight trajectory position the 16 gram weight in the central port at the rear of the R9 driver head

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Taylor Made R9 Driver Reviews

The original R7 Quad driver and its subsequent incarnations received rave reviews not only from Tour Players but from club players alike. Early signs show that the new R9 Driver is to follow in their footsteps and become one of the most popular drivers on the market.

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